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Board Goal and DSA 2025 Early Bird Combo Deadline Extension

Hello, I am Jerry Nelson with Deaf Seniors of America.  I am on the DSA Board. People have asked me why I wanted to serve on the DSA Board. I believe that now is the right and ripe time for me to be on the Board.  I want to bring DSA to a higher level, and have the ability to hire an executive director and staff members. That's one of my goals. View vlog

That aside, the real purpose of this message is to announce the DSA Board’s decision to extend the current $400 combo rate for the DSA 2025 Conference. Right now the $400 rate is due to expire today. Good news – it has been extended to September 30, 2024.

The reason for extending the deadline is DSA wants to give people the opportunity to attend the DSA 2025 conference to mingle with other people and have fun. If you read the latest New Horizons issue (DSA’s official magazine), Bernie Palmer wrote an article about his experience attending DSA 2023 Conference for the first time, which was WOW! That is what DSA wants you to experience. Come!!!

Lastly, but not least, the NAD will host their conference (in Chicago) this week, July 1-6, 2024. DSA will have a booth at the conference and will offer a $25 discount on the $400 combo, making it a $375 combo ticket. This special is only for those attending the NAD conference this week. Attendees must appear at the DSA exhibit booth to purchase the $375 combo ticket.

Hope to see you all at NAD Chicago this week and the DSA 2025 Conference. Thank you.


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