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Educating Key Decision-Makers About Our Needs

Representing the needs and interests of Deaf seniors is at the heart of what we do at DSA. We believe that by educating decision makers about our unique needs and advocating for our community, we can create a more inclusive and accessible world for all seniors. If you share our commitment to supporting this vital community, we encourage you to get involved and make a difference today.

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Information Sharing to Increase Awareness

As an organization focused on advocating for Deaf seniors, we believe that every individual, regardless of age or disability, deserves equal access to programs and services. Deaf seniors face unique challenges that require specialized attention and resources. By sharing information and increasing awareness about the needs of our community, we can help ensure that we receive the support we need to thrive.


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DSA 2025 Conference | Kansas City, MO

Join us for the DSA 2025 Conference in beautiful Kansas City, MO. This event is a chance for us to celebrate our community and learn more about the challenges and opportunities we face. Early bird registration is now available through June 30, 2024, so take advantage of this opportunity and sign up now! We will provide updates from the DSA Board as well as the Kansas City Local Committee, so stay tuned to learn more about this exciting event.

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DSA 2023 Conference | Hollywood, FL

We believe in the power of coming together to learn, connect, and celebrate. That's why we're so proud of the amazing community that gathered at the DSA 2023 Conference in Hollywood FL. To help you catch up on all the highlights, we've created a special page on our website where you can view conference photos, read the program book, and review daily newsletters. We hope these resources will inspire you to join us at future events, where you too can experience the joy and camaraderie of the DSA community.

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Past DSA Conferences

At DSA, we are proud to host conferences that bring together Deaf seniors from across the nation. Our past conferences have been a huge success. Check out our listing of past conferences – how many have you attended thus far? We've included a video of Ralph White promoting our very first conference held in Austin, TX. We hope you'll join us at our next event in Kansas City!


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DSA-NAD Senior Resources Listing

DSA has now taken the lead on joint updates to the DSA-NAD Senior Resources Listing. To help us provide the most comprehensive and up-to-date resources possible, please share your feedback, suggestions, and any new resources that you think are worth including. Together, we can ensure that Deaf seniors have the information and support they need to lead productive and rewarding lives.

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