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DSA and AARP Representatives Meet in Washington, DC

Earlier this year, the Chief Diversity Officer and Vice President from the AARP Office of Diversity and Inclusion attended the DSA Biennial National Conference in Hollywood, Florida, contributed an article to the DSA New Horizons magazine, and provided a generous contribution to DSA.

Recently, DSA President Phil Aiello and DSA Past President Alfred Sonnenstrahl met with AARP representatives at the AARP National Office in Washington, DC. During the meeting, DSA shared membership priorities with the AARP team. Both organizations look forward to continuing dialogue and collaboration during 2024.

Participants in DSA-AARP meeting held in Washington DC

Front Row, L-R: DSA Past President Al Sonnenstrahl; Phil Aiello, DSA President; Myrna Aiello; and Madison Jennings, AARP Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Intern. Back row, L-R: Jessica Aiello, Interpreter; Yvette Pena, AARP Vice President Hispanic/Latino & People with Disability Audiences; Edna Kane-Williams, AARP Chief Diversity Officer; and Lori Strauss, AARP Senior Manager/Interim Audience Strategy Manager; People with Disabilities.


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