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About My Background and Goals as Vice President

Hello, I am Char Parsley, your Vice-President of Deaf Seniors of America (DSA). My experience over the years includes work as a social work and mental health counseling, and I did work in Washington DC, Maryland, Texas and Washington state. I also have lot of experience with organizational management. Video link

Vlog by DSA Vice President Char Parsley

Previously I was an executive director for a service center for the deaf and hard of hearing in Washington State for 15 years. Then at the same time, I was President of the Washington State Association of the Deaf for 11 years. I was also on the board of the Washington State School for the Deaf for 14 years.

All together, I have had several years of experience in organizational management — grant writing, looking for partnerships, collaborations, and different things.

I am hoping that with DSA we can proceed to get an executive director to come and work for us as I think that the new person can lead DSA into the future, promote services that we can provide to deaf and hard of hearing seniors across the USA.

We have lot of needs are out there and we need to figure things out. I want DSA to develop partnerships with maybe federal organizations that provide services to the elderly - it is important to develop partnerships and relationships with different organizations.

I am hoping that we can work together with you to do something for DSA that will help all deaf seniors everywhere.

Thank you.


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