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Why I Became Involved and Reasons to Attend DSA 2025

Hello, My name is  Adam Novsam, board member for DSA. What is DSA? Let me elaborate. DSA stands for Deaf Seniors of America. I would like to mention that I've heard some people comment that DSA is for older people who are 70, 80, and up. I want to respond to those people. I'm not in the 70–80 age bracket. I'm younger than 60. I'm involved as a board member. I would like to explain why I became interested, motivated, and involved with DSA. View vlog

Back in 2019, DSA had their conference in Seattle. I had some friends who went to DSA while I was living in Seattle. They came to visit me, and said that I should come to the conference. So I decided to attend the DSA 2019 conference and wow! I was impressed with their socialization, education workshops, and variety of experiences. It was an eye-opening experience for me. I thought to myself, what benefit does DSA have for deaf seniors? Many explained why DSA was important. I was awed to learn more about what DSA offers to its members. I wasn’t aware of all the resources DSA has to offer.

For example, they asked: Do you have your retirement pension ready when you retire? Do you know what caregiving is? Do you know the importance of mental health when you get older? My response was NO to these questions . These are important topics we all need to prepare for.

While thinking and asking myself, will I live in a nursing home that has Deaf accessibility for me? Who will take care of me if something happens to me, if my health deteriorates, if I become sick with cancer, or sick with whatever? Will I be ready?

I was not prepared for all those things. This made me think twice. Yes, I was motivated to go to the DSA 2023 conference in Hollywood, FL last year. There were over 40 awesome workshops on topics such as Social Security, Traveling, Caregiving, Financial Planning, and so forth. I was simply blown away. Anyway, everyone there had fun, friends who graduated from Gallaudet, and NTID/RIT, and many other social gatherings. So much information and resources were exchanged among each other. Awesome!

I would love for all of you to come to DSA 2025 in Kansas City, Missouri to see for yourself. Please register soon. See you there in KC!


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